Large capacity tanks, up to 6000 liters

Large capacity tanks, up to 6000 liters

Designed to provide extraordinary storage capacity that translates directly into real savings. Their extra-thick rigid, mould-injected PU thermal insulation maintains DHW storage temperature for long periods, providing users with continued savings throughout the life of the storage tank. Capacities from 1500 to 6000 liters.


ANTI-LEGIONELLA DESIGN: The design of the entire range of our “MASTER INOX" and" MASTER VITRO" series, takes into account all the criteria for the "Treatment and Prevention of Legionellosis", included in the current UNE standards and EC Directives. The anti-Legionella design applies to the storage tank unit and its internal DHW production system (when equipped).

LARGE DHW PRODUCTION CAPACITY: A set of separate collectors and coils, made of STAINLESS STEEL, are mounted inside the storage tank, allowing the heat exchange surface to be dimensioned in accordance with the required power (up to 10 m2 in the 6000 litre model), adapted to traditional energy sources or to the use of renewable energies. This exclusive lapesa DHW production system for large capacity tanks saves on installation space and allows total or partial maintenance of the unit, guaranteeing the continuous service of the installation.

EASY TO MAINTAIN: With access to the inside of the tank through the DN400 side manhole, for inspection and cleaning of the storage tank and/or the coil system.

MAXIMUM STORAGE CAPACITY: Extra thick, rigid, PU mould-injected insulation that minimizes heat losses of stored DHW.

EASE TO HANDLE AND TRANSPORT: Our "MASTER" storage tanks are designed for easy handling and transport to the place of installation. They have an integrated system for handling and transporting by forklift truck, which facilitates handling operations enormously, as there is no need to palletize the product which, given its weight and size, would make handling difficult. The tanks are also equipped with lifting eyebolts on the top part so that if they have to be placed in a high area they can be lifted with an overhead hoist.

ELECTRIC HEATING: Ready to be fitted with Incoloy, low charge density electric immersion elements or with sheathed ceramic heating elements, as backup electric heating.