Резервуары для хранения, подачи и транспортировки газов, жидкого топлива, химикатов и других жидкостей / Водонагреватели для производства и накопления горячей воды

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The stainless steel solution!

Chromium-nickel-molibdenum STAINLESS STEEL is the ideal solution for pressure tanks with food grade quality, due to their resistance against corrosion and its hygienic properties. For pressure tanks to be used for production and storage of domestic hot water, it is the best solution available in the market.

Excellent surface protection!

Vitreous enamelling (DIN 4753) for domestic hot water storage tanks is by far the most suitable lining of all those that exist on the market for this type of product made of carbon steel that requires special protection of the metal surfaces in contact with water, with food grade quality.

TANKS FOR STORAGE OF LPG. Wide range of capacities, up to 400 m3

Engineering, development and manufacture of tanks for your liquefied petroleum gas projects, according to the european directive 97/23/CE or ASME VIII div. 1 and ASME marking

STORAGE AT CRYOGENIC TEMPERATURES in double wall tanks with vacuum insulation

Storage tank for liquefied gas under pressure, at cryogenic temperatures, for products such as LNG, N2, O2, Ar..., also for CO2 tanks.
Capacities from 5 to 320 m3 and design pressures from 5 to 42 bar, for horizontal or vertical installation. Homologation according to:
- European Directive 97/23/EC on Pressurised Equipment (CE marking) and harmonized standards (for example, EN 13445).
- ASME VIII div.1 (ASME marking)

TANKS FOR STORAGE OF LIQUID FUELS in single and double wall configurations for aboveground or underground installation, up to 400 m3

Please consult us regarding your requirements. We have specific inner finishes and / or steels suitable for storing a wide range of products.
Fuels: Oil, gas-oil, aviation fuel, biofuels, and blue fuel...
Also for other products:
Water: Cold water (with or without food quality), hot water ...
Chemicals: sulphuric acid, methanol, ethanol, E85 ...


SPECIFIC TANKS for storage of compressed air, refrigerant gases, chemical products, liquid fuels, silos and fluids in general.


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