31/03/2014 / Electric MASTER series with “ceramic heating elements”

Our MASTER series of RB “high capacity” hot water heaters and accumulators is now available with a new DHW production application using electricity.

New electrical heating equipment with interchangeable ceramic elements that do not call for the tank to be emptied, arranged on a removable stainless steel plate in the DN400 side inlet of the tank.


The system allows for electrical heating ratings of up to 48 kW., although in models that can fit two inlet mouths, given their height, the power can be doubled to 96 Kw.


The system is ideal for maintenance tasks or eventual replacement of the electric heating elements in large capacity tanks (up to 5000 litres), without the tank having to be emptied.


It can be applied in our entire "MASTER VITRO" and "MASTER" INOX series, as well as in our 800 and 1000 litre steel enamel and stainless steel models.


The electric elements set is protected with a stainless steel "cap", which provides access to the heating element heads and electrical connections so they can be replaced if necessary.


The system will be available from March 2013

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